~Touch Of Faith~
PHAA 12841

~Built Like a Tank Bay Tobero~ 

~Faith's 5 Panel Testing~
Gbed, MH, Herda & Pssm1 Testing all Negative
Positive to Overo as she is a tobero ( Tobiano + Overo = Tobero) 

~Faith's Pedigree~

Sire : Colorite War Paint (Bay Tobero)

Dam : Crystal Ridge Caseys DJ ( AQHA)

Sires Sire : Dreamweaver Jumanji Boy 

Sired By Toledo Joe

Sires Dam : Blue Gums Fortune

Dams Sire : Insel Top Money (AQHA)

Dams Dam : Matakanui Edwina (AQHA) 

* Faith is a mare that is built like a brick out house, she is suitable even for learners to ride

She has Been Bred to Dunsplashin CallMeTrinity for a 2018 Foal


~Candy Cowgirl~
PHAA 13784

~Homozygous Black Homozygous Tobiano + Overo~

~Babys 5 Panel Testing~
Gbed, MH, Pssm1 & Herda - Negative 
She is Positive to the Overo Gene as she is a Tobero ( Tobiano + Overo = Tobero) 

~Babys Pedigree~

Sire : Colorites Diagonal (Black Tobero)

Dam : Chattanooga Shu Shu (Black  Tobiano) 

Sires Sire : Dreamweaver Jumanji Boy (Black Tobero)

Sired by Toledo Joe

Sires Dam : Triggeriew Lady Luck

Dams Sire : Peppys Painted Bandit 

By Peppys Doc Bar (IMP USA )

Dams Dam : Dammit Janet

By Copyright (IMP USA) 

* Baby as we call her is a sweet little Mare who is broken to saddle and western Trained , she is new to our herd and has just been bred to Dunsplashin CallMeTrinity for a 2018 Foal 


~Dunsplashin Lady Hawk~

~PAINT PHAA 12006~

Buckskin Splash White

5 Panel Genetic Testing

Sire : Anasazi Windtalker (Splash White)

Sire's Sire : Arapaho Joe (Bay Tobiano)

Sires Dam : CLMS Reet Petite (Black Splash White)

Petites Sire : Bald Eagle (Splash White Chestnut)

Sire By Mr Leotoe (AQHA) IMP USA

Petites Dam : Pine Hills Satin Queen

Dam : Ima Hollywood Delta Doc  (AQHA) Buckskin

Dams Sire : Hollywood Hoges (AQHA) Palomino

Hoges Guest Sire : Hollywood Return (IMP) Palomino

Hoges Guest Dam : Pioneer Fantasy (AQHA) Chestnut

Dams Dam : Miss Delta Doc (AQHA) Black

 Delta Doc's Sire : Trans Questionaire (AQHA) Palomino

Sired By Doc's Freckles Oak (IMP)

Delta Doc's Dam : Cactus Athea (AQHA) Black

Sired By Cactus Delta (IMP)


** Bred Right Here Bubbles has Done a Year Under Saddle With a Teenage Girl as a Pilot After Being Broken in by Pat Russell (Mitchell QLD), She is the Dunsplashin Dog lol She follows You Everywhere & Has To Be In Everything (Including Every Gate You Go To Close) She Has Matured Bigger Then Both her Parents & Continues to Fill out Everyday we Look at Her, She is Big Solid Girl These days.



~Dunsplashin Artic Pearl~


~PAINT PHAA 11640~

Cremell0 14.1hh

~Pearls 5 Panel Testing~

Overo, Pssm1, Gbed, Mh & Herda All Negative


Pearl Was Started Under Saddle By Neil Perrett but suffered a Eye Injury that affects Her Depth Perception on the Offside so Became a Broodmare, She is only 14.1hh Muscly, well Built, Quiet & Very Easy To Get Along With We Look Forward to What She Produces In The Future.

Sire : Gran Larceny (Palomino PHAA)

Sired By: Loots Image (IMP Chestnut Overo)

Sires Dam : Sheza Blue Eyed Babe (Cremello)

 Sheza's Sire : Nevada Leo Wimpy (Palomino AQHA)

Sheza's Dam : Boxdale Opal (Palomino AQHA)

Dam : Miss Mindi Roc (Perlino AQHA)

Dams Sire : Bulunbud Pillamindi Doc (Buckskin AQHA)

Sired By Pillamindi Roc

By Roc' O Lena (IMP)

Dams Dam : Glitter N Gold (Palomino AQHA)

 Sired By Doc's Royal King

By Doc's Poco Bar (IMP)