~ Lando Beety Beau~
PHAA 9629

Homozygous Black Tobiano 

~Ebonys 5 Panel Testing~
GBED, Herda, Mh , Pssm1 & Overo - All Negative 

~Ebonys Pedigree~

Sire : Snow Crow Beau Lando ( Black Tobiano)

Dam : Cayedel (AQHA) 

Sires Sire : Belvedere Joe Lando 

Sires Dam : Savoie Chiquita 

Dams Sire : Lazy D Snazzy Silhouette (AQHA)

Dams Dam : Reina Del Valle (AQHA) 

* Ebony is the the most beautiful moving mare and of the softest nature  she is the Dam of Dunsplashin CallMeTrinity . She has been bred to Karalinga Double Exposure for a 2018 Foal.


PHAA 14543

 Splash 1 &  Dominate White 

~Diamond's 5 Panel Testing~

Gbed, Herda, Overo Pssm1 & Mh - All Negative 

~Diamond's Pedigree~

Sire : Best Western (IMP)  

Dam : Struttin Miss Molly (AQHA)

Sires Sire : Best Western Romance (USA)

Sires Dam : Notorious Robyn (USA)

Dams Sire : Sunday Struttin (AQHA)

Dams Dam : Vicki Chex (AQHA) 

* Beautiful quiet mare that is built like a brick out house with a awesome hind quarter her ridden career ended by a paddock injury that nearly cut her leg off (before she came to us) Diamond is the calmest horse you could hope for and she is due to foal to Karalinga Double Exposure Nov 2017


~Frozen Currency~
PHAA 15443

Cremello Sabino 1 (Tested) 

~ Silvers 5 Panel Test Results~

Pssm1, GBED,MH, Herda & Overo - All Negative !

~Silvers Pedigree~

Sire : Sovereign's Ice Lander - Palomino Sabino 1

Dam : Fancy L Sapphire Belle - Palomino Overo

Sires Sire : Sovereign Lad PHAA

Sires Dam : Clovers Speckled Peppy PHAA

Dams Sire : Painted Peppy PHAA

Dams Dam : Fancy L Bobby Bars PHAA

* Beautiful Mare Under saddle has novices ride her often. 


~Legally Dun To Impress~
PHAA 14537

~Bay Dun Tobero~

~5 Panel Test Results~

Pssm1, GBED,MH, Herda & Hypp - All Negative !

Positive to the Overo Colour Gene Because she is Tobero (Overo + Tobiano = Tobero)

~~Legally Duns Pedigree~

Sire : Wayouts Dun In Dreams (Dun Tobiano)

Dam : Patened Copy (Chestnut Overo)

Sires Sire : QT Dunupdouble (IMP USA)

Bay Dun Tobiano

Sired By Q Ton Of Gold (USA)

Sires Wayouts Dream Machine (Bay Tobiano)

Dams Sire :Copyright (IMP USA)

Chestnut Overo

Dams Dam : Centauri Im On A High (AQHA)


* Brilliant Mare Under Saddle and my Personal Riding Horse