The Splash White Pattern......

A  Passion of Twenty Years

(One of Our Original Splash Whites Paint Stallion Anasazi Windtalker)

Imagine a solid coloured horse dipped into a ocean of paint, the white starting at the bottom of the horse and running upwards often complete with waves, the legs, the tail the belly the neck and of course the trade mark big baldy face with ice blue eyes, this is the splash it can be as extensive as a horse nearly all white with just base colour remaininng on the pole of the horse and often also the wither or as minimal as four white dipped feet but in the bald eagle splash line this is usually found with a tiny white dipped tail and some white on the face from full baldy to a white dipped mouth.

(Extensive Splash White sired by Anasazi Windtalker out of a solid Mare)

(Buckskin Splash White Sired By Anasazi Windtalker out of a Solid QH Mare)

(More Minimal splash White - Bay Splash White Sired By Anasazi Windtalker)

(Typicial Splash Foal sired by Anasazi Windtalker out of Solid Quarter Horse Mare )

(Anasazi Windtalker showing off his extensive white dipped tail - A Splash White Trade Mark)

The Bald Eagle Splash Line is Dominate, it does not become homozygous however, you will still get a percentage of non splash white/non coloured progeny but in our experience with our years of breeding splashes the pattern is dominate. Only one Splash white parent is needed to Produce a full patterned splash white foal.

The Bald Eagle Splash Line is not lethal like overo and all our splashes test negative to the overo gene but is non viable when two splashes (Of this Splash Type) are bred together no foal results the mares comes back in season. Splashes can be bred to other patterns and it can co-exist with sabino, overo and tobiano.

(A Great Example a Splash White Foal Sired by Anasazi Windtalker out of a Purebred Arabian Mare)

(A Splashed White and Tobiano Combination Foal Sired By Anasazi Windtalker, Dam is a minimal tobiano Paint Mare)

If you own a Bald Eagle splash, the new splash test that is now out will  not work on your horses we have sent extensive hair sample away and all our horses have tested negative to everything, they test on paper to being solid horses with no testable pinto gene as yet.

They test negative to dominate white, all 3 of the splash white test (that are available at this time) the sabino test and also overo.

We know that all the splash white and sabino genes have not yet been found or made testable at this stage, the Bald eagle Line is one of these untestable lines until further testing continues.

With the Partial Splash white Testing Available we have learned A lot Horses that test Positive to Splash White 1 and this Gene is More common and we now know Splash White 1 is a Incomplete Gene, Splash White 1  to express in full splash pattern form has to be homozygous it requires a Splash White 1 gene to come from each  Pattern to be able to express in full form, Heterozgous Splash 1 Horses (Horses with one copy of the Splash White gene) are Minimally marked and are often mistaken for normal markings ie a blaze a sock It is a very Different gene to the Blad eagle Line of Splashes which is Dominate and requires only one parent to pass on the full marked pattern. Bald Eagle Splash also cannot be Homozgous.

   The Bald Eagle line is still rather rare due to low numbers of this line that are registered Paints (but we are working on it )

The Bald Eagle Line of Splashes is Deaf (and a number of other lines) or what is called tone deaf, I find if the horse displays a true splash pattern it will be deaf many people like to pretend or deni this is not so .

My Experience with Splashes & Understanding there Deafness

As a Teenager I saw some Paints in a paddock in Roma in Bad condition and struggling I took a special liking to a baldy face blue eyed mare who was very low in condition she had had limited handling and was 5yo but I bought her anyway and with the help of my brother in law loaded her on to a float and took her home. Little did I know at that time what she was or who she was, Rose as I called her was a Bald Eagle Daughter and a Splash White and my passion for splashes was lite, little was known or understood about them at that time and few would have a clue what they were looking at when they saw her most assumed overo but when this testing became available she was tested and her test came back negative for overo, she was something special in her own right which we already knew, she was deaf as we know now all the bald Eagle line of splashes are (and other lines of splashes also), well those displaying the pattern, they can have solid progeny that are not deaf of course and also the bald eagle line also carries a sabino gene as they also produce sabino progeny without the white dipped tail and without all the splash markers and these progeny are not deaf, but breeding them over many years also tells me that these non deaf progeny the sabino and the solid progeny never have gone on to produce a splash foal in there own right unless bred back to one, so proving those foals did not get the gene and it doesn't skip generations, the horse either carries the gene or it doesn't.

Rose was broken in as a 5yo and was a thrill to ride, afraid of no noise, and with a much lowered flight response she was a joy to ride around town streets

She knew when a engine was running, or if a truck got started she felt it, splash whites like many other examples in life when one sense is gone (hearing) the others become hightened

they are master of body language, of the vibrations and most can trick you into believing they have hearing and I have had people argue with me that they are not deaf

Even had a vet who had been practicing 20 years, lunged my stallion in both directions and in all gaits and spend over 40 minutes with him doing his pinto upgrade and she did not pick up on it until I told her because when you speak you move (unknowingly) parts of your body your lips, your hands, there is always a tell and this is what the splash white reads and as they age they learn to read it so well, especially there owners or those who handling them regularly they learn each persons ways.

I find splashes and I have owned many, quiet and gentle, very friendly and docile, easy to train once you get the sterotype idea that the horse is deaf out of your head many people would have owned a deaf horse and not even know it, I find it rather common in extensive white horses especially overo not just splash and have also owned a deaf cremello.

Splashes are born deaf its not like a horse who is involved in a accident and goes deaf and then is afraid because his world is forever atltered a splash is born this way he fears nothing unless mistreated and made to fear, if your are a brutal person splashes as not for your because you will not get anything out of them, but if you are firm but gentle you will fall in love for life.

Splashes when trained to saddle go off your movement, slight seat changes and react accordingly and are a awesome ride they shine in reining and I have did most everything on mine from mustering in pulled country to doubling mates around town and even a stint threw the Maccas Drive threw for a burger.

They run with other horses in paddocks without problems and when bred talk to there mate and then also there foals, they speak in low deep tones.

Anasazi Windtalker is a Bald Eagle Grandson

Anasazi Windtalker Foals Pictured Below

(Foals Sire By Ansazi Windtalker)


I adore my splashes and have owned them for many years and we continue to breed them with beautiful results , we have retained a Anasazi Windtalker Grandson aka Dunsplashin CallMeTrinity that is very special and a Australian First he is a Smoky Black Splashed Tobiano, meaning he carries the splash gene + the tobiano pattern gene + the crème crème and he is also homozygous black  and non agouti and 5 panel clear for disorders.